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Which Motor Solution for Which Application ?

NEXEYA Power Conversion Business Line designs and develops a complete range of smart integrated motor solutions with a microcontroller -based, variable speed drive and high-accuracy control. Beyond advanced motor control performances that we are able to bring you, we can help you to choose the right solution among different motor topologies and thus meet your global requirements.

DC Motor Solutions Benefits

- Low cost solution,
- Easy to implement,
- Voltage/current and speed control by IR encoder or tachometer compensation,
- Accurate drive performance thanks to a torque and speed control,
- 4-quadrant amplifier with a very low current ripple.

Application Field

- Servo applications where speed and accuracy are requested.

DC Brushless Motor Solutions Benefits

- High Reliability and High-Output Power,
- Stepper, sine, trapeze or field-oriented control possibility,  
- Voltage / Current control,
- Speed/torque and position control,
- Encoder, resolver or sensorless feedback,
- No spark, no dust, noiseless,
- Less maintenance than a DC motor.

Application Field

- Robotics & Industrial machinery (Welding robot, bottling…),
- Clean rooms.

Micro Stepper Motor Solutions Benefits

- Robust, energy efficient and low cost solutions,
- Very accurate open loop motion and positioning without expensive position sensors
- Self- commutated operation mode possibility with encoder feedback,
- Direct drive ( No gear boxes, linear screw for moving linearly ),
- Low harmonic distortion,
- High holding torque at low speed,
- Motor speed / torque / position / movement / temperature monitoring,
- No spark and no dust,
- No maintenance. 

Application Field

- Solutions perfectly adapted to screwing operation, tight speed control,
   accurate positioning request in harsh environment.

Piezo Motor Solutions Benefits

- Driver optimized for Piezo Motor ref: LR8012A
- Compatible with no resonant piezo motors with 5 wires (4 phases + GND),
- High resolution micro step indexer with position, movement & speed control,
- Smooth sinus & rhombic waveform generation (other waveforms on demand),
- Noiseless, 
- High holding torque without electrical power,
- Sequencer dedicated to axis control.

Application Field

- Solutions perfectly adapted to optics and laser applications

More informations are available through our webpages “Which applicative software for which data to monitor?” and “Micro Stepping Motor in the Spotlight”. Should you have a need for Motor Control Solutions whatever the challenge, we are the right partner for you.

Do not hesitate to consult us if you need more informations on our motor solutions among the topologies that have been stated above.



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