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Which application software for which operating system and which data to be monitored ?

Our motor control solutions dedicated to critical applications focuses on monitoring and measuring single or multichannel currents and voltages, sensing temperature/motor speed / position / movement, monitoring and controlling the motor with / without encoder data interfaces.

The world of E-connected objects in the future will need more and more embedded intelligence offering data exchange capacity / remote analysis and control / post treatment possibilities.

Getting started with your project has never been so easy with our motion control solutions! We put at your disposal a wide range of application software compliant with WINDOWS and .NET environment, from the simplified man/ machine dialogue interface up to intuitive graphical user interface dedicated to automation sequences and post analysis.

Our latest application software compliant with .NET environment

MI.MotionToolbox: Complete software suite with graphical interface dedicated to motion control program, including communication functions, utilities and examples to simplify complex advanced motion programming.

Compatible in particular with the latest versions from WINDOWS.

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Our application software suite compliant with Microsoft WINDOWS environment

WinSim2: Graphical interface for dialogue & motion control board configuration.

DrvMi : Dynamic library (.dll) integrating communication functions and different low-level proprietary protocols. Compatible with most of high-level languages of programming as Windows C/C++, Delphi, Labview….

Compatible with WINDOWS 7 & XP

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Our object-oriented software suite for an intuitive use of the most advanced motion control applications.

KALISTE: Complete, intuitive and evolutive programming environment for end user’s test application development, data acquisition, control & monitoring without the need of programming expertise.

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Our entry-level software MIShell

MIShell :
Simplified interface for a first implementation of our solutions, ideal to write small scripts.

Our Dll « FTDI « for USB driver: .dll available to work with Midi Ingénierie products equipped with a USB port (in particular well adapted for the BMAC family).

All our application software can be loaded free of charge. KALISTE, Winsim 2 & DrvMi Toolbox are time-limited versions, available to the sale.

Monitoring and Measuring Current for Optimal Motor Control
All the motor physical parameters are measured in real-time by our drivers. They are computed to determine the optimal current and voltage to meet the motor exact needs and reach ideal operation conditions. They are accessible to the user on the network thanks to our graphical interfaces via our USB, Serial, Ethernet or CAN open motion communication protocols, making easy the development of automation and control loops.

Sensing Motor Speed, Position, and Movement
To control a motor precisely, the rotor's speed, direction, and position have to be determined precisely. High accuracy can be obtained with the use of encoders like optical encoders. The last one provide the controller with incremental and/or absolute shaft-angle information. The encoder of our product DMAC has the advantage to be integrated with the engine, closer to the controller.

Direct access possibility to module parameters from the motor is possible thanks to our object.NET applications or our Windows applications via our communication protocols.

Monitoring and Controlling Multichannel Motors up to cascading 32 axes
Most of our drivers use simple and robust low-level proprietary protocol to communicate. They have been designed to be easily daisy-chained and monitored from a unique single platform through our graphical interfaces. As example title, our products DMAC and BMAC implement smart multi-axis functions, called interpolation in order to work with 3D trajectories. Our solutions up to 32 axes can interact and be monitored independently.

Because we believe in streamlining user accessibility, we also provide comprehensive software and manuals which enable our customers to gather all the information required on our product in a concise and easy to understand way through a simple download via our section On Line Help

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