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From modules off the shelf to customized power conversion solutions

The embedded equipment today has a level of diversity that requires distributed and modular power conversion solutions.

The power converter definition is crucial in a new product which often occurs late in the development phase!

Moreover, embedded power conversion solutions need to be qualified to answer to the severe constraints due to the target environment.

CONVERGY designed a complete range of encapsulated and ITAR FREE power converters and modules for circuit boards that helps any designer whatever his qualification to build up his own AC / DC power conversion architecture based on Filters, PFC and DC / DC converter for use in rough environments.

Below are some examples of architectures:

Simple and efficient AC / DC architecture : PFC (Power Factor Corrector) + DC / DC converters

First stage: The PFC
The Power Factor Corrector ensures that the sinusoidal input current is in phase with the sinusoidal input voltage în connection with the main power source. This solution is perfectly adapted for embedded applications where safety is a crucial issue: no harmonic rejection on the mains. The output voltage is rectified and is ready to be converted into other output voltages.

2nd stage: The DC-DC converters
The DC-DC solutions below, convert the DC voltage from the PFC output into other output DC voltages. A synchronization pin allows the user to drive multiple converters with the same input, but with different outputs at the same switching frequency from an internal or an external signal such as an external clock generation.

Fig 1 : Simple architecture with a PFC and a DC / DC converter


Simple DC / DC architecture based on a filter and DC / DC converters:
An EMI filter is often used at the input of a DC / DC converter to reduce the reflected ripple current in order to avoid conducted perturbation towards the outside environment.

Fig 2 : Simple architecture with a DC / DC converter


Parallel and Redundant mountings


Each DC-DC converter has to be capable of providing all the output power without output voltage failure. In this way, the load always remains correct in regards to the process taking place.

Parallel (current sharing)
The DC-DC converters can be placed in parallel in order to provide a higher output current. Most of the DC-DC converters from CONVERGY are designed to share the load.

Typical modular distributed architecture

CONVERGY can offer thanks to its modular solution :

  • Configurable power supplies with a local distribution of the power with or without PFC upstream,
  • An isolated power factor corrector solution to increase the safety,
  • Redundancy option to obtain a better operating security.

Fig 4 : Typical modular distributed architecture


Close contact with us at the early stage of your design guarantees the success in your project. Our experience and our competence in power conversion can be your partners.


Learn more about our PFC, our DC / DC converters off the shelf 0,3 W to 60 W and our high reliability DC / DC converters designed for harsh environment


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